Find Out 5 Common Expat Jobs in Jakarta, Indonesia

5 Most Popular Jobs for Expats in Jakarta

1. Foreign Language Teacher

Jakarta is a city with a high demand for foreign language teachers, especially English. Teaching is one of the most popular job options for expatriates in Jakarta. Many educational institutions, from primary schools to higher academic levels, are in need of native speakers, preferably English.

The educational credentials required for teaching jobs in Jakarta vary, and so do the pay rates. International schools usually offer the highest salaries, followed by public schools, and language training centers offering the lowest rates.

2. Hospitality

If you are looking to immerse yourself in Indonesian culture while working in Jakarta, the hospitality industry is a great option. Working in hospitality allows you to learn about Indonesian traditions, local customs, and authentic cuisine while working in a dynamic environment.

Foreigners often find high-level managerial roles in established four to five-star hotels. If you have years of experience as a chef, upscale restaurants in Jakarta often offer Head Chef positions for foreigners. Being multilingual, in addition to English, can also be advantageous when looking for a career in the hospitality sector.

3. NGOs

Working for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) is a great opportunity to meet people from different cultural backgrounds and experience various situations. If you have qualifications in social development and years of experience working for NGOs, it is relatively easy to find a job in Jakarta.

NGO positions are usually term-funded and temporary. Additionally, specific requirements, such as fluency in Indonesian, may be necessary when looking for an expat job in Jakarta, especially in the NGO sector.

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4. Consulates or Embassies

Embassies and consulates in Jakarta often hire expatriates, as employees come from more than just English-speaking countries. If you are interested in working in a consulate or embassy, it is recommended to explore opportunities in the embassy of your home country. Check out the official websites of embassies to learn about available positions.

While some positions may be given to existing employees as a form of promotion, it is worth trying to find a job opening. Working in embassies in Jakarta offers high salaries, even for foreigners. However, these high-paying jobs usually require challenging application procedures and specific qualifications. The benefits, including pension and healthcare, make it worth the effort.

5. Tech Jobs

Tech professionals play a significant role in shaping Indonesia as a developing country. Therefore, it is no surprise that many tech start-ups in Jakarta are in search of foreigners with high competencies in the relevant field.

In-demand tech positions in Jakarta include DevOps engineers, data scientists, data analysts, IT project managers, cyber security analysts, and business analysts. Headhunting is common in the tech industry, with large tech companies seeking candidates with the most experience in the relevant positions. However, Jakarta is also home to numerous tech start-ups that are in need of foreigners with high qualifications.

Aside from the five popular job options mentioned above, foreigners in Jakarta often work as business executives in multinational companies, which are prevalent in the city. However, finding an expat job in Jakarta can be challenging if you do not possess the required qualifications.

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Once you secure a job, it is important to make the city feel like home. Additionally, at some point, you may need an international money transfer service to send money to your loved ones in your home country. For this purpose, you can use Globe from, a money transfer service that allows you to send money to more than 50 countries with lower transfer fees.

In conclusion, Jakarta offers a wide range of job opportunities for expatriates. Whether you are interested in teaching, hospitality, NGOs, consulates/embassies, or the tech industry, there are options available for you. It is important to research and understand the specific requirements and qualifications for each job sector. With the right skills and qualifications, you can find a rewarding expat job in Jakarta and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

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